Monday, October 7, 2013

SV 2: Unit G Concepts 1-7: Finding asymptotes and holes and graphing rational functions.

1). This problem is about finding asymptotes and holes of graphs of rational functions. We will be using the function x(x +2)(x - 1)/ (x + 2) (x +1). This video will go over how to find the slant asymptote, the vertical asymptote, and the holes of this function. We will also be finding the domain, the x- intercepts, the y - intercept, and the actual graph of the function. What does the fox say?

2). One must pay attention to several things while doing this problem. Firstly, one must be sure to factor the function correctly and be careful when doing long division for the slant asymptote. Additionally, it is important to remember to put parentheses in the correct places when plugging the function into a graphing calculator. If the parentheses are left out, the graph will be wrong in the calculator.

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