Saturday, September 28, 2013

SV #1: Unit F Concept 10: Given polynomial of 4th or 5th degree, find all zeroes (real and complex)

1). This is  a problem about finding all zeroes of a quartic polynomial. The polynomial we will be using is 25x^4 - 80x^3 + 58x^2 - 3. We will be combining all of concepts 3-9 in this problem. Also, we will be doing something different than what we did in those concepts because we will also be finding all irrational/ imaginary zeroes as well as the rational ones.

2). The viewer must pay attention to several things. One major thing the viewer needs to pay attention to is that the polynomial we are using doesn't have a term for x to the first degree. Thus, the viewer mustn't forget to put in a placeholder when doing synthetic division otherwise the problem can go wrong. Also, the viewer must pay attention to how to put the non factorable quadratic into factor form once the irrational zeroes are found.

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